GEA’s Design Workshop | Jan 31st At 6pm

23 Jan

Are you stuck at the design stage of your presentation? You have great content: well-written text and beautiful images, but no clear path toward how to arrange all of this aesthetically and professionally. Not to worry. In this hour long workshop Dave Underwood will show you that good design needn’t be a black art. Using tried and true design tricks such as contrast, rhythm, and tension, you’ll see that producing compelling, authoritative work is no more daunting than making a good cup of coffee… It’s all in the process.

When: Jan 31st at 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Where: Koelbel 308


Please RSVP below if you’re coming so we know how much food to buy.

Dave Underwood provides support for students and faculty at CU Boulder who would like to use multimedia in their learning, teaching, research, and creative works.

Meeting Follow Up

Not the biggest turnout as far as students (only 5 of us), but the content was amazing. It was like giving water to a thirsty nomad. Entrepreneurs are badly in need of learning design principles and Dave Underwood did a great jot teaching. He said he’s interested in doing another event and was happy that all 5 students reached out to him after for one-on-one advice.

Here are his slides: coming soon

Here is some supplemental info:


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