GEA Retreat Videos Posted and StartupCU in CU News

1 Dec

Two things I think many of you will be interested in . . .

GEA Retreat Videos

For the first time, we recorded the speeches and panels at the GEA Retreat. I posted links to the videos on the retreat blog post. Look for a “video” link next to the person or portion of the meeting. These videos are unlisted, meaning that you must have the link to find them on YouTube.

Video About StartupCU in the CU News

A couple months ago CU News interviewed me about my story and entrepreneurship on campus. I started at the beginning and ended with some of the cool things happening at CU like StartupCU, the nLab, and the GEA. They loved that StartupCU is a place for people wanting to become entrepreneurs and made a video about it. I think the video turned out great.

Big thanks to all those who helped make StartupCU what it is today. A couple people I want to thank specifically are @davidvanderjagt, Daniel Higgs, John Byler, @mathiasfrese@anewmann, Eva Yao, Paul Jerde, and Brad Bernthal. Also, big thanks to all the members who come every month. Their attendance sends a strong message to the community and the nation that CU is the #1 public university for entrepreneurship in the county.


Ben Buie | @benbuie


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