Want More Brad in Your Life? Check Out the New 1-Credit Class.

8 Nov

Brad Bernthal of Silicon Flatirons is teaming up with Brad Feld of the Foundry Group and Dean Phil “Not Brad” Weiser to bring you all a 1-credit class next semester on Entrepreneurship philosophy. The official title will be LAWS 5201 Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Public Policy and will meet every other Thursday from 2:25 – 4:15 p.m. in the law school. The class will be about how entrepreneurship principles cut across many facets of life. Its a law school class, but Brad, Brad, and Not Brad are going to hold ten (10) spots for MBA students just like yourself. There are two important qualities that the Brads are looking for: enthusiasm, and a willingness to do a lot of reading. 1 credit will get you almost nowhere in the scheme of graduation, so this is truly just for people who are excited about entrepreneurship and want extra learning.

APPLICATIONS. To apply, by end of day Wednesday November 13, a student should send Brad an email at brad.bernthal@colorado.edu , subject line “APPLICATION FOR PHILOSOPHY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP.” If applications exceed capacity, students with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship will get priority.  Brad will alert applicants of their status no later than end of day Friday, November 15. MBA students only.

THE OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION. This course, informally known as the “Philosophy of Entrepreneurship,” explores how principles of entrepreneurship apply in a variety of life’s contexts, ranging from startup companies to government service to building a professional network.   Topics include being an entrepreneur, leadership and what makes a great founding team, building and scaling a business, building entrepreneurial communities, financing entrepreneurial companies, leadership in government, and innovation policy. 




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