24 Sep

It’s happening. It’s here. Andddddd … not that many people are signed up. On the short list of can’t miss events at Leeds, this is at the top. It’s time to rally!


This is the chef that’s going to be cooking up all the tasty grub you’re going to be mawing on Wednesday. No, you cannot have his hat.

So here’s a little story from last year. In about February, your social chair Jeff — the guy with the pony-tail — is going to bring an event to you called MBA Prom. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s going to be held somewhere fancy, its going to have some great finger foods, there’ll probably be some 80s music, and there will definitely be some of your professors getting overserved at the bar. In 2011, a couple hundred people attended this event, but last spring there was a pervasive vibe of apathy going through school. People weren’t sure it would be fun, people wanted to know if other people were going before they committed, people weren’t sure if it was worth the money. Well all those people got to come to school on Monday and hear about what an awesome time everyone who went to prom had.

Don’t let this be you. Remember these three key points …

It WILL be worth the money. 

There is a reason that we plan this event for a Wednesday, because the opportunity cost for a first-year student is practically zero. The financial cost is the equivalent of gorging yourself at the C4C a couple of times, which you are going to regret anyway. This food is going to knock the lights out of whatever else you were going to eat that day, plus you get to wash it down with some wine or beer if you like, and you get to do it all at a gorgeous venue that you might never have gone to otherwise on the banks of the mighty Boulder Creek. And that’s not to mention the fact that you can’t even quantify the value of a good connection, and the GEA has been working tirelessly to make sure that this event is packed with good connections. In summation: you are actually LOSING money by not attending.

It WILL be cool.

You know what makes an event cool? When YOU go to it. Life is to short to let your activities be dictated by what others are doing, so all you have to do is know that this is a cool event and go to it. Saving $35 and doing your homework isn’t nearly as cool as meeting people and learning stuff that will last beyond your graduation.

You ARE an entrepreneur.

This is why you are here in Boulder. Even if you don’t have intentions of starting your own business the minute you graduate or trying to break into the ultra-competitive tech scene, you are here because you have the entrepreneurial spirit. You want to at least work for a small company at the very outset of its journey, because you want that challenge. There is no better single place or time in this school year to meet the people that have already started ventures that may need your help.

Follow the link below to get yourself a ticket, and we will see you there on Wednesday.

When: Sep. 26th from 9:30am to 5:00pm
Where: The Red Lion Restaurant (link) (map)

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