GEA Next Year

11 May

Here is an outline of the main events we produce and a short description of them.

GEA Retreat

Shortly after the fall semester begins, we hold a retreat to inspire entrepreneurship and introduce the new graduate students to other students, faculty, alumni, and the community. The afternoon is filled with panels, speakers, lunch, breakout sessions, a keynote, and a cocktail hour.


This monthly event consists of an entrepreneurial how-to and a couple business pitch-and-feedback sessions. The goal is to connect student entrepreneurs to other students and the community.

Entrepreneurial Panel

In an effort to learn about entrepreneurship and get to know the local community, we invite a Venture Capitalist, an Angel, and two entrepreneurs to share their expertise.

Lunch & Learn

Twice a year we invite an experienced and successful entrepreneur to share his/her story, successes, failures, and advice. Lunch is provided.

Angel Pitch

What happens when you get 6 actively investing angels in a room with students pitching their innovative business ideas? Let’s find out!

Entrepreneurial Trek

This annual event takes 12-14 students on a tour of businesses from startup (, Path) to IPO and beyond (Google, Zenga) in some of the nation’s entrepreneurial hotspots. This coming year, instead of touring Silicon Valley, we may try Boston or New York.


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