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21 Feb

In coordination with Net Impact a group will visit NREL for a tour on Friday, Feb 25th. The morning will consist of a tour of the Biomass facility, and the afternoon will be spent at the visitors center. Email Chris Wolf (Christopher.Wolf@Colorado.EDU) if you are interested.

Biomass Facility
-general overviews of the biochemical and thermochemical research programs at NREL
-short tours of Thermochemical Process Development Unit (PDU) and the Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility (IBRF).


Visitor’s Center
– a presentation on NREL’s work on solar, wind and biomass energy as well as vehicle and building technologies that are being developed by NREL scientists
-a show and tell segment shows samples of the technologies developed here and an interpretive tour of the exhibit hall


Red Idea Partners Lunch with Matt Bonoma

15 Feb

When: February 22, 2011 From 12:45pm-1:45pm
Where: Room 203

Red Idea Partners is a consulting and venture works firm. They provide strategic consulting for promising growth companies and entrepreneurs. Clients include Pangea, ten20, and Mountain Sun to name a few. Red Idea also works with many green, eco-efficient and sustainability companies.
Matt Bonoma is a Leeds MBA grad that has a really interesting story on how he carved his way into Red Idea Partners.

*If you are interesting in starting your own company, I highly recommend you attend this event!!!

Lunch will be provided RSVP Below:

Questions? Contact Connie at

Learn From The Best – Micah Baldwin

15 Feb

Do not miss the chance to Learn from the Best – Micah Baldwin.

Event: Technology Entrepreneurship – Micah Baldwin – Learn from the Best
When: Thursday, Feb 17th
Room: Leeds – room will be emailed out soon
Lunch Provided

We are very excited for the upcoming GEA Tech Speaker, Micah Baldwin. Micah is the CEO of local startup, mentor at TechStars, and passionate about entrepreneurship. Check out Micah’s blog and company, links provided below. Micah is a great speaker and was an invaluable mentor to many of the TechStars teams this past summer. Come prepared to learn and ask questions.

see blog for Micah –
Micah’s company –

Please RSVP on survey, thanks.

Blues – Canning It Up

1 Feb

Microbrew in a can, a novel concept that Oskar Blues made an extremely successful business.  On January 13, 2011, the GEA and Marketing Group got the chance to speak with Chad Melis, Director of Marketing and Jeremy Rudolf, Head of Logistics to learn more about Oskar Blues and the story of canned beer.  The event started with a tour of OB’s facility in Longmont, CO, where our hosts told us about the brewing process and the value of can’s over bottles. Chad also explained Oskar Blues history, and their struggles with the tremendous growth. Jeremy spoke to us about their brewing process, and recent expansion.  After the Brewery tour, everyone got a chance to taste Oskar Blues beer and have dinner with our hosts.  Chad and Jeremy both have a passion for Oskar Blues, and that came out in their talks.  We got to see first hand that hard work, passion and a great culture creates success. Thanks again to Oskar Blues, Chad and Jeremy for a great night!

Comments on the Event:

“I thought (this event)it was definitely value added. It was great to hear how they found a niche (craft beer in a can) to make a brand for themselves and really turn that niche unto a successful business. I also thought it was interesting to hear about OB’s issues of managing growth. I feel like we’ve seen this issue on paper and spoken about it in class it was nice to see it and hear about their challenges in the real world. I’d be curious if they had an internships to help manage this issue…Great beer. Great food. Great learning experience. Great time.” ~Chris W. 1st yr MBA

“I had a blast at the Oskar Blues event. I liked that we got to see both the brewery and the restaurant. I really enjoyed the tour – learning about how it all works and the reasons why Oskar Blues does what it does (why cans?).”~Glenna 1st Yr MBA

“I thought the event was great. It was awesome to have the opportunity to talk to folks within the company and to have dinner with them. We have so many great options for visiting awesome businesses in the area and it was nice to head out to another one.” ~Andy 1st Yr MBA

“Overall, it was probably the best Leeds event I’ve been to. The only competition was the Banjo Billy/Brewery entrepreneurship event. The value was amazing . The turnout was great (which means it was probably publicized well). The folks at OB seemed happy to see us. Good stuff all around.” ~ Patrick 1st Yr MBA

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