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CaseLive – LifePics

14 Nov

Join the GEA and LifePics VP’s in the first of the CaseLive series. In this session, LifePics will brainstorm ideas with GEA members to develop a strategy to engage the thousands of B to B customers that they work with in a cobranding e-commerce initiative. See Problem/Challenge below for more details. I encourage you to go or to order a picture so you understand the service.

About CaseLive: The CaseLive series provides GEA members with the opportunity to interact with business leaders by helping them to work through real strategy problems that they are currently facing. This is an opportunity to make real connections with local business leaders while showing them your talents and capabilities.

Subs from Jimmy John’s will be served. Let us know what your food preference is.
RSVP at if you will be attending.

Place: Koelbel 230
Time: Thursday, November 18th from 5pm to 6:30pm.


Professors & Professionals

9 Nov

This Thursday we will be hearing from Bret Fund and Richard Hunt on the topic of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship through Acquisition.

Join the GEA in Koelbel 340 on Thursday, November 11th from 5pm to 6:30pm.

Some individuals like the thrill of creating something from nothing. Others find they are better suited to take someone else’s creation and turn it into something better. Both are forms of entrepreneurship and can be exciting as well as rewarding. Listen to them discuss the similarities and differences between these two approaches (based on their collective experiences) and ask questions about starting and/or acquiring new ventures.

Bret Fund teaches Entrepreneurship – MBAX 6100 This is a great opportunity for you to meet him if you have not yet.

Pizza will be served. Let us know if you will be attending by responding to the survey –

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