another place to hang with the GEA

11 Sep

We have established this site as yet another way to interact with and inform our student members, the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship (our gracious sponsor), the Boulder entrepreneurial community, and anyone else who wants to know more about our little (and very cool) club.

We will blog about some of the cool stuff that is happening with our group and share the lessons learned in our quest for entrepreneurial excellence.  Some of the events you can expect to hear about are our Learn from the Best speaker series, the Annual Entrepreneurs Retreat, and our upcoming Ideation Sessions.

We are organizing a social event for next week – Wednesday, Sept. 16 – for GEA members to hang out and get further acquainted in a fun, informal, out-of-the-classsroom setting. Please join us as we attend the always enjoyable Ignite Boulder – the sixth one to date – at the beautiful Boulder Theater.  This is sure to be an awesome time.

We invite you to open up the lines of communication between us and you by leaving comments here on our blog, following us on twitter, or becoming a fan on Facebook…

Until next time!


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